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How much insurance do you need? Everyone needs some form of personal insurance, but knowing how much you need might seem like a hard question to answer. At Bates, Roberts, Fowlkes & Jackson Insurance, we will gladly sit down with you and review your current situation regarding your home, automobile, valuables, or other possessions. Plus, we can offer special discounts if we insure both your home and automobile.


Your home is probably your biggest asset. Protecting the structure and its contents is essential.

At Bates, Roberts, Fowlkes & Jackson Insurance we offer a variety of homeowners policies with various companies. By visiting with us, we can discuss what type of policy is best for you.


Automobile insurance may seem like a once-a-month reminder, but when you are involved in an accident of any type, the reassurance that your car will be repaired with few headaches and worry is invaluable.

Bates, Roberts, Fowlkes & Jackson Insurance can help you before you set out on the road as well as when the unfortunate occurs. We can explain the different types of automobile policies and make a recommendation as to which policy and company is most appropriate for your situation.

Additionally, we are here should you be involved in an accident. We can file a claim for you — usually while you are at the scene of the accident — helping to expedite the process and get you back on the road. Plus, we can advise you when it might be best not to file a claim if the repair cost is minimal to you and to another party.


Whether you own a fully restored Chris Craft speedboat, a luxury racing yacht, a Sea-Doo, or any personal watercraft for a weekend at the lake, Bates, Roberts, Fowlkes & Jackson Insurance can cover your watercraft against damages and liability.

Recreational Vehicle

Your home on the road whether it is a recreational vehicle, a motorcycle, or an all-terrain vehicle, is just that: your home away from home, and insuring it is important.

At Bates, Roberts, Fowlkes & Jackson Insurance, we can help you understand the type of RV policy you need as well as answer your questions about how travel distances, liability needs, and travel contents might affect your policy.

Personal Umbrellas

A personal umbrella is a policy that shields insured policy holders who are vulnerable to high-dollar lawsuits from additional sources of loss.

In today’s litigious society, it’s not just the wealthy or well-heeled who need personal umbrella protection. Many people face catastrophic liability losses. Bates, Roberts, Fowlkes & Jackson Insurance can find you a policy to provide you and your family with solid, added protection for added peace of mind.


When you own items such as fine art, gun collections, antiques, jewelry, furs, business equipment, or other valuables, you may need additional coverage against damage, destruction, and theft. Often your homeowners insurance policy is inadequate to replace them.


Nothing brought home the necessity for flood insurance like scenes of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans, but can it really happen to us?

Natural disasters seem to be occurring more frequently, and with the recent uptick in devastation, surface water flooding is a real threat in more places than beach property.

Having your home flooded can be one of the most upsetting and emotional disasters that can occur. Often the damage you can’t see is worse than the damage you can. And attempting to recover on your own can be trying.


You care about your family, and that’s why you want to know more about life insurance. Life insurance can protect your family should you should die prematurely. The death benefit it provides can replace some of the income you would have earned and can help to maintain your family’s standard of living and to protect your family’s home.