Client Resources

File A Claim

When it’s time to file a claim, we’re here. We are committed to making the process as smooth, transparent, and efficient as possible. Please begin by contacting us at (205) 956-0563 to initiate a claim. Our goal is to make sure that your claim is settled promptly and that you receive a fair settlement on your claim.

Claim Hotlines 24 x 7

We want our customers to have as much access as possible when it comes to protecting their assets. While we encourage ALL of our customers to call our office FIRST when they have a claim, if you would like to contact your company directly we are happy to provide you with a list of 24 x 7 claim hotline phone numbers. If you do not see your company listed, please contact our office as soon as possible for assistance.

Liberty Mutual

Phone: 866-272-9267

Claims: 844-325-2467 (844-3-CLAIMS)

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Phone: 800.334.2370

Claims: 888.252.4626

Alabama Self-Insured

Phone: 205.868.6900

Claims: 800.392.1551

The Sheffield Group

Phone: 205.437.2344

Claims: 205.991.7552


Phone: 800.331.4929

Claims: 309.692.1000